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The campus of IAST is located in the picturesque Sankaram that is about 30Km away from Vishakhapatnam airport. The vibrant, modern and state of art campus equipped with all modern facilities is made on a 30 acre serene boulevard valley. It is situated away from the disturbances and hustle bustle of the city and is absolutely ideal to nurture young minds towards excellence and leadership in the industry.


The classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching equipments required by the staff and the students. Internet facility and ICD are present in each class that is spacious and breezy. The beautiful garden with plantations and fruit add to the charm of the campus.

Vibrant Ambience

Thriving for the very best the vivacious and lively campus celebrates the festivities of life regularly changing colors through seasons and festivals. All the festivals through the year are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and vigor. The facilities provided at the campus are modern, latest and comparable to the best in the industry.


Work out Regime and Physical Fitness

With emphasis on sports as an integral part of molding leaders of tomorrow the campus hosts well-maintained basketball court, tennis court, shuttle badminton court, volley ball court, play ground and an equipped gymnasium. The students are encouraged to undertake sports for physical fitness and endurance.  Regular tournaments organized at the campus help the students to bind too. A well equipped gymnasium is a highlight in the campus too.


Purna Mahal

The Purna Mahal is a majestic mansion with 8 boundary gates, 4 entrances, 4 domes, 16 pyramids and 48 kalasams designed to facilitate learning in a natural and rejuvenating ambience. It is truly a center of excellence that provides for exquisite learning to all students who are enrolled in this programme.

Girls and Boys Hostel

The hostel rooms are spacious and well ventilated with quadruple sharing, in room bathroom. The rooms are equipped with internet connection and other basic necessities for students.

Resource Building

The food served at the dining hall is national as well as the international cuisine. This helps the students to develop the taste for international cuisine and appreciate it too. The dining hall is large and spacious and the neatness is comparable to home and the best hotels and resorts.

The resource building also has a well-maintained library facility which shelves books on a wide range of subjects related to the industry. There is also a computer lab and a video-shooting lab, which is used by the students for multiple functions.

Cafeteria is for students to unwind, relax and spend time to together. This bright and colorful eatery has all the quick foods that the students would love to eat. The entire campus is student friendly and built to suit the needs of youngsters keeping in mind their health, studies and convenience.






“The course at IAST allowed me to expand my knowledge in a productive and logical manner that has made me successful in life today. The teaching as well as the course materials was of the highest quality and the environment was a totally encouraging one. There is absolutely no room for despair in IAST”.
– Gunjan Tebriwal, Ex-Student