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The campus is located in Sankaram, about 25 KM away from Visakhapatnam airport in a 30-acre serene boulevard valley away from the city’s disturbances. It offers the ideal environment to incubate young minds. Thriving with activities it changes its colors through seasons and festivals that are celebrated regularly. 


Infrastructure of the campus has been planned and designed after careful after thought. The classrooms contain latest teaching equipments with Internet and ICD facility. Thriving for the very best the vivacious and lively campus celebrates the festivities of life regularly changing colors through seasons and festivals. The campus hosts well-maintained basketball court, tennis court, shuttle badminton court, volleyball court, playground along with a well- equipped gymnasium.


The resource building also has a well-maintained library facility which shelves books on a wide range of subjects related to the industry. The girls and boys hostel rooms are spacious and well ventilated with quadruple bed sharing facility. The Cafeteria offers nutritious, colorful eatery along with health drinks to suit the tastes and preferences of the students.


There are many events and activities that students engage in every week to help them unwind from their daily jam packed routine. Competitions, debates, celebrations, festivities, role-plays, group discussions on current trends and pressing issues are conducted in a spirit of fun and entertainment.


“The course at IAST allowed me to expand my knowledge in a productive and logical manner that has made me successful in life today. The teaching as well as the course materials was of the highest quality and the environment was a totally encouraging one. There is absolutely no room for despair in IAST”.